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Bangladesh Bulletin

The Royal College of Midwives and the Bangladesh Midwifery Society started a new twinning partnership in June 2017.  Initially for one year, this may extend for a further 3 years if successful.  The project is part of a larger midwifery strengthening project in Bangladesh, funded by UK-Aid and UNFPA.

Activities for the first year include setting up the twinning partnership, undertaking an organisational assessment using the MACAT tool, identifying and engaging stakeholders, visiting all 8 branches (divisions) around the country, developing a new membership database, employing a staff member as executive assistant, writing a newsletter, developing capacity in advocacy, making some improvements to the office, holding an AGM and conducting elections for the executive committee.  A busy year!

Having conducted a scoping visit in October 2106, I arrived in Bangladesh on Sunday for my second visit this year.  Additionally, our consultant Tamara Curtis visited in in August.  So far we are ma…