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Update from Uganda

Update from Uganda
I am halfway through a 2 week visit to Uganda with the RCM’s MOMENTUM project.  As the RCM’s Global Professional Advisor I am also the programme leader and responsible for ensuring that we reach our objectives and reporting to our donors (UK-Aid through THET).

Our programme is a pilot project, testing whether mentorship for midwifery students by midwives works as a concept here in Uganda.  There are three separate but connected work-streams: first, helping the Ugandan Nursing and Midwifery Council to develop a national standard for mentorship; secondly, developing a work-based learning CPD module for midwives to train as mentors; thirdly, working in partnership to improve the clinical learning environment in four pilot sites that represent a breadth of maternity care provision (public, private and faith-based).    The project finishes in April so the next few months are pivotal in ensuring that all steps in the model are established and widely communicated and evide…