Thursday, 16 June 2011

Comfortable Shoes

I wear comfortable shoes.  I am comfortable with wearing comfortable shoes.  If you are uncomfortable with that, then I am sorry, but I will remain comfortable in my comfortable shoes.

I have always loved comfortable shoes.  However, I have not always been comfortable with the fact that I prefer comfortable shoes.  After all, can you be a real woman in comfortable shoes?  Are comfortable shoes not the preserve of those with hairy armpits (current body hair status undisclosed) or those of a different sexual persuasion (views undisclosed).

But in my comfortable middle years with uncomfortable middle-year knees I am comfortable with comfortable shoes.  And I was glad of my comfortable shoes yesterday when, due to middle-years forgetfulness, I arrived at the station without my car keys and had a much-extended journey home with 2 extra train rides and a walk from the station through rocky country footpaths.  I have observed many female commuters in uncomfortable shoes and wonder whether they would have managed the walk home with such ease.  But then I remember they are probably not in their middle years and would not have forgotten their keys!

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