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Nepal Update

It's now more than 3 months since the earthquakes in Nepal that caused such devastation and loss of life and livelihood.  The Royal College of Midwives had just finished a three-year twinning project with the Midwifery Society of Nepal during which time we had formed a close working relationship. We immediately started a fund-raising campaign amongst our members and have raised a staggering £21,000.  Reading the messages on our justgiving page, and the letters and cheques that arrived at HQ, was truly humbling.  Some gave large amounts; musician Gary from Kent whose wife Annette is a midwife, put on a fundraising concert and recorded a special CD for Nepal raising £660; seventeen year old Emily, an aspiring midwife, held a tea party with her Mum and raised £121; midwives in Coventry did the Wolf run and raised over £500. Others could only give a small amount but the messages with their donations were poignant: 'A donation to help colleagues in Nepal help women safely birth the…