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Midwifery leadership and a mini-strike long before the RCM's!

This week in Nepal I was privileged to spend some time with a retired midwifery leader.  She prefers not to be named so we'll call her Momo, the Nepali lunch-time snack we were eating whilst she told me this story.

Momo was matron of a busy maternity unit.  Under her leadership, midwives started to perform vacuum deliveries, an essential life-saving skill for midwives who would be going out to work in rural areas with no back-up.  For three years midwives had a faultless track record, performing vacuum births with much better outcomes than their medical colleauges.  Then, one busy day and one difficult delivery with the cord tight around the neck, a baby died during a vacuum birth. The woman's visitors complained.  Doctors and others blamed the midwives for the death.  The hospital director was unsupportive, sending the visitors to Momo's office. Momo had a difficult three days trying to support and protect her staff, not helped by vitriolic TV propaganda against midwives. …

Here, there and everywhere

My good intentions about blogging every few days whilst overseas have failed to come to fruition in the last few weeks. Apologies!

I was in Cambodia from 18th-28th October, monitoring the progress of the Cambodian Midwives Association and facilitating a 2 day workshop in which they assessed themselves and reported back on various project activities.  It was encouraging to hear about the Kompong Cham local branch that has increased its membership three-fold since the start of the Global Midwifery Twinning Project. Also encouraging was a report from the midwifery training school in Kampot where three cohorts of GMTP volunteer midwives from the UK have been based.  Their efforts have been much appreciated. Thida, a senior Cambodian midwife teacher, gave a great presentation on the impact of her trip to Prague and the UK with our project and her increased confidence since returning.  She has recently been promoted and will be in a key government position to influence midwifery in Cambodia…