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Bye bye Kathmandu... until next time

By Joy Kemp, Global Professional Advisor for the Royal College of Midwives.

I'm on my way home from an amazing 10 days in Kathmandu.  Following a successful fundraising campaign by UK midwives, coordinated by the RCM, it was time to travel back to Nepal to meet our twinning partner, the Midwifery Society of Nepal (MIDSON) for the first time since the earthquakes in April and May and to see how things had changed and developed, as well as ensuring that our funds are being spent wisely.

I was wonderfully hosted by MIDSON at their office in Kupondole, and by Ashok and Katrin (with toddler son Aryan and dog Butterscotch) at the At Home Guesthouse in Jamshikhel.  Nepal has certainly had a difficult year - first the earthquakes and now political stalemate with its neighbour Inda with the border road blocked and no fuel getting through.  Kathmandu was much quieter (and less polluted) with fewer cars on the road, so I walked everywhere locally and had fun exploring the city on local tuk …

In Nepal again after the earthquakes

The RCM has been twinned with the Midwifery Society of Nepal (MIDSON) since 2012.   Between April 2012 and March 2015 we sent 23 of our midwife members as volunteers on 25 placements to Nepal through the Global MidwiferyTwinning Project. In addition, many of our members have visited Nepal and some have a long standing relationship with the country.  Therefore, when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake and more than 100 associated aftershocks struck Nepal in April 2015, killing more than 9000 people, our members were deeply concerned about the safety and wellbeing of their friends and colleagues in Nepal and asked the RCM to respond.
Having run a fundraising campaign from May - August 2015 we have been hugely encouraged by the response.   Your efforts have raised around £25,000 to help provide access to midwifery care for women and babies in Nepal  during the emergency, now and for the future.  We have been working with MIDSON to ensure that the monies raised are put to good use.

MIDSON rapidly …