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Granny's Girdle comes into its own

My grandmother was a wonderful woman.  A midwife, a Dundee doctor's wife (and his dispenser), a powerhouse of energy and a model housewife who could clean something to within an inch of its life and remove any stain from anything.  She (Sadie) was one of 10 siblings and had sisters called Beldie, Katie, Maisie, Ovie and Flora.  Most of them lived well into their 90s (and Ovie is still going strong at 90+).  Katie was 102 when she finally popped out to the Chemist and popped her clogs. 

I an proud to have a few of my Granny's things  but two I treasure above the others - her preserving pan and her Girdle.  North of the border this is not a complicated item of underwear but the perfect receptacle for a batch of pancakes. The Girdle comes out on lazy Saturday mornings or days when we find ourselves with a little more time and the chance of a leisurely breakfast.

If you cook up a batch of these, spare a thought for Mrs. Sadie Duncan and the inspiration and love she brought to our…